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* * * Click here to view and order Spring, Summer I and Fall 2015 textbooks. * * *

We now offer eBooks on selected titles!  This lower-cost option is
listed as "EBK" under the regular, hard-copy, when available.

In-store rentals are limited in quantity.  Once Bookrenter reaches its
quota, in-store rentals are not available.  However, you can still rent directly
from Bookrenter online and expedite the shipping.

Fall and Spring textbook reservations ARE NOT SHIPPED and are picked-up in the Bookstore.
Items marked "back ordered" were not available at the time of processing
and were not charged to your account.

There is a hold placed on your credit card at the time of checkout that is
calculated at the highest current (new) price for titles. Used prices will
be applied if selected and available when your order is filled. 
Your credit card will not be charged until the order is filled.

- or -

RENT NOW!  We partner with Rafter (formerly BookRenter) on two primary rental options for customers:

  • Our online website where BookRenter ships the book directly to the student or 'Berg Bookshop. 
  • An in-store rental program where a student can pick up certain books off our shelf & we rent it to the customer.
    (In-store titles are designated with a green "Rent It & Save" sticker on the shelf tag, along with the rental price)

In addition, customers can return books to our store that they rented either online or from our in-store rental program via the RapidReturn™ drop off program.  All customers who’ve rented books using either method will receive automatic email reminders when it’s close to the time that the books are due back.

The semester rental is 125 days and begins once Bookrenter ships.
(IMPORTANT: DO NOT rent books too early before the semester starts)

Tips for saving time and money on textbooks
- Rent books and save 50-70%
- Buy used books to save 25%
- Print your booklist before visiting the Bookstore
- Avoid shopping during peak periods (11:30am-1:00pm)
- Pay attention to the book return policy
- Sell your books back during textbook buyback
- Save your receipts for potential tax savings


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Please direct any questions regarding textbook information to
Joe Hardenberg, Textbook Coordinator at (484) 664-3496 or